Tuesday, 29 January 2013

English preschool

we already interview two kindergarden which is tadika al-banna and tadika anggerik.
we have asked them a few question about English preschool. the first kindergarden that we interview is Tadika al-banna.
1. what is your name?
    salwani binti ramli
2. for how many years have you been working in preschool?
    12 years old
3. can you tell us something about your experience in working in a preschool setting?
    all kind of joy and sorrow together, the period of many hurdles, scolded but i left it because its my field.
4. what are the teaching methods that you used to teach preschool English?
    i used many technique. for example, flash card, video, music and singing so that the child does not quickly    bored to learn.
5.so far, how successful the teaching methods that you used to teach preschool English?
   effective, because we are using the repeat of what to teach. children are not able to dominate all that is taught
6. what is the importance of teaching English for preschool?
     can give a new word for them to learn.
7. what are the good examples to teach English for children at home?
     parents should used the basic word at home and always practice with them until their understand. for example is wash you hand, brush you teeth.
8. from your opinion, what are the barriers for you when you teach preschool English and how you undertake the situation?
    no barriers, but they must know how to take care, facial, the most important to be creative and clever use of space.
9. do you know about other teaching methods that available in order to teach preschool English?
    many way to used, even though follow the theme so the children not quickly bored.
10. what are the specific commitments for parents and teachers do you think would be the most appropriate to encourage the child to learn English?
       i think for parent should spend time with children to communicate basic word of English with them and for teachers should give support so their can learn more about English.

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